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Fabrik list plugin - Table Edit

The Table Edit list plugin for Fabrik 3.9 allows you to quick edit data in the table. Supports data edit modes via inputs and selects (element plugin types: "databasejoin" or "dropdown").

Fabirk Textarea Readonly Element

Fabrik element textarea plugin with readonly option.

Скачиваний: 454
Fabirk Field Element

Fabrik element field plugin with remove special chars option (integer & decimal).

Скачиваний: 414
Fabirk Table Edit
Fabrik list plugin for quick edit data in table. Supports text and lists (elements plugin type "databasejoin" or...
Advanced Tour - Catalog of tours (excursions)
Create your tour agency site with Advanced Tour. Quickstart installation package based on modern T4 framework is...
Tour Agency
Last-Modified Joomla Any Content (If-Modified-Since)
Плагин Last-Modified (If-Modified-Since) для любого нужного вам контента Joomla....
Скачиваний: 690
TV and Video Streaming Schedule for Joomla

Create your schedule of TV programmes and video streaming based on Joomla CMS and All Video Share video player.

Events Schedule - расписание занятий, событий
Component creates events schedule of any activities by sections (sports, etc.) and categories. Компонент...
Калькулятор натяжных потолков
Joomla calculator stretch ceiling. Joomla калькулятор цены натяжных...
Скачиваний: 22
JForm Field Ordering
Plugin to ordering your items in the edit mode for any component. This one allows you to select right order position...
Скачиваний: 989
Module SP Accordeon Pro
Shaper Accordion is a free Accordion Module which allows you to display your contents/articles with mootools effect....
Скачиваний: 2380
Скачать Демо
FaLang translation system by Faboba

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